Category: Childrens Stories

  • The Christmas Dragon Wagon

    There once was a dragon named Peat,Who lived in a cave on the street,He longed for some fun,So he set off to run,But he got lost in the snow, oh so sweet.   Sweet, the donkey, was worried, indeed,When Peat didn’t return, as he agreed,So he set off to find,His dragon friend, who was so…

  • The Smoth

    In the deep and dark woods, north of the falls, A creature slow and slight lived, misunderstood. This upside-down bear, with fur so soft, so fine, Hung from the branches, with elegant design. She slept and searched for food, with graceful ease, Dreaming of soaring through the night sky, with keys To unlock her dreams…

  • What’s that Noise?

    What’s that Noise?

    What’s That Noise? By Sam M. Raife What’s that noise? What’s that noise? It’s making me a little afraid. Don’t worry child, there is nothing wild, it can all be expertly explained. It’s the Elephant-Mouse. Who lives in a tiny house, you’ll find it under the stairs. At night it’s snore is long and pure,…

  • A Birthday at Home

    A Birthday at Home

    Now Available for Download On Amazon and available for download free on PDF. A Birthday At Home by Sam M. Raife Benji is a Superhero. With no powers. Zero. It’s his birthday. Is he destined to stare out the window?

  • The At Home Hero

    The At Home Hero

    Summary When Benji, finds himself suddenly in forced quarantine as a result of a nationwide virus, he needs to find things to do during the two-week total lockdown. With the help of Mum and Dad, the three come up with a series of daily activities to inspire creativity, fight against boredom and learn a little…