About Us


Did you ever have a thought that felt like it would change your life forever?

Then, did that thought become unburdened and the goal felt light as a feather?

Did you ever start doing something new, then think this is what my life should be?

What about experiencing something new, and you discovered a new hobby?

Did you realise that you’re not the only one?

That others want to have fun, writing in the sun, sharing new light with everyone?

Lvl-Up is just that. It’s an idea, not yet a thing.

A creative spark.

No longer struggling in the dark.

An idea to be something more.

Not just another office bore.

An idea, that an indie author can turn their hand to writing.

The chance to do something exciting.

Lvl-Up might end up being just for me.

But the idea, is to experience life and help others to be free.

Join us on our journey. Experience something new. And Lvl-Up.

Who or What?

Lvl-Up contain the writings of Sam M. Raife, an SEO and digital marketing expert by day, Dad at night and an aspiring author in-between. The site has been created to focus on three goals:

  • Write and Promote our own Children’s Stories
  • Provide Marketing and Promotional Advice to Fellow Indie Authors
  • Connect and promote other inspirational stories

We want to provide a simple and refined way to discover new reading material for children of any age. If you think you have something to share, get in touch and lets see what we can create. 

When and how?

Our first story is available now, our second is on the way. The third is written and the fourth, fifth and sixth are conceptualised and in progress.

Over the next few months, we will be incorporating some new sections of the site, including Author Interviews and some How-to tips for optimisation and marketing positions.