The Christmas Dragon Wagon

There once was a dragon named Peat,
Who lived in a cave on the street,
He longed for some fun,
So he set off to run,
But he got lost in the snow, oh so sweet.


Sweet, the donkey, was worried, indeed,
When Peat didn’t return, as he agreed,
So he set off to find,
His dragon friend, who was so kind,
And searched through the snow, with speed.


At last, Sweet found Peat, cold and alone,
Covered in snow far from home,
But with Sweet by his side,
Peat was no longer terrified,
And they started back along the path they had known.


But as just as they starting to become unfrozen,
They heard a rather large commotion,
It was Santa’s sleigh,
Stuck in with dismay,
The gifts were in danger of being stuck and broken.


But Peat and Sweet came to the rescue,
With their strength and their fire, they shouted “We’ll Help You!”
They pulled Santa’s sleigh,
Through the sky on that day,
And saved Christmas, with Santa saying “Bless You!”


Santa was grateful, that’s for sure,
He thanked Peat and Sweet, and gave them a tour,
Of his workshop so fine,
And a gift that would shine,
A golden sleigh bell with magic so pure.


From that day on, Peat and Sweet were part of the crew
Spending Christmas together, with a wonderful view
They flew through the sky, spreading joy and cheer,

Acting as two of Santas brilliant new Reindeer.


Shouting “Merry Christmas to all and especially to you!”