The Smoth

In the deep and dark woods, north of the falls,

A creature slow and slight lived, misunderstood.

This upside-down bear, with fur so soft, so fine,

Hung from the branches, with elegant design.

She slept and searched for food, with graceful ease,

Dreaming of soaring through the night sky, with keys

To unlock her dreams and make them all come true,

As she explored the vast expanse, with wings anew.

But little did she know, her wings were near,

In the form of moths, so small and full of cheer.

Together, they would fly, higher than before,

And find a home, where they could live and explore.

This is the story of the smoth and her flight,

A tale of friendship and the power of might.

Staring at the stars, as they twinkled so bright,

This sloth dreamed of soaring through the night sky,

Floating on currents, up high and free,

Soaring upside down, with moon in sight.

Climbing the highest branch on the tallest tree,

She stared at the sky, longing to be

Floating and free, with wings to appear,

To take her on a journey to a new frontier.

On the sloth’s back lived a moth, so fleet,

Who zipped and zagged, with energy complete.

He flew around the sloth’s shoulder, with grace,

Ten times a minute, at an impressive pace.

The moth, so fast and free, was out of sight,

Unnoticed by the sloth, day and night.

The sloth, so slow and trapped, always there,

Provided a home for the moth, without care.

But one day, the moth noticed something strange:

The forest round the sloth’s home had changed.

It was getting smaller, with trees cut down,

And the moth knew they had to leave this town.

So he gathered all his moth friends and they

Hatched a plan to help the sloth fly away.

They worked through the night, combining as one,

To form pair of wings, the work was done.

Finally, the wings were complete, and the sloth

Climbed to the top of the tallest tree and spread

Her wings, with the moths’ help, and prepared to soar

Off into the night sky, as never before.

The moths struggled to lift the sloth, their wings

Fluttering and straining against her weight.

But as they worked together, their combined strength

Lifted the sloth higher and higher, at great length.

The sloth spread her wings and soared into the air,

Floating effortlessly on the currents there.

The moths clung to her fur, their tiny wings

Beating in unison, as the sloth flew and sings.

Together, the sloth and the moths flew so high,

Searching for the perfect home in the sky.

They found it at last, the tallest tree in the forest,

Where they settled in, their dream now at its best.

The sloth and the moths lived happily there,

High above the forest floor, without a care.

And as they flew through the night, they knew

That together, they could make their dreams come true.

“Copyright 2020 by Sam Raife All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review.”